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Big Discount On VFx Courses

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9 Pro Tips For Breaking Into Visual Effects From Jurassic Park’s VFX Pioneers

1. Learn about the film making process from a director’s perspective. This means make your own movies!
2. Listen to the voices in your head.
3. Understand how VFX fit into the storytelling process.
4. Don’t just imitate your visual effects heroes. Dare to be original.
5. Think of your best friend as your worst enemy .
6. Rest assured that visual effects is now a viable career option.
7. Don’t listen to the job entry horror stories — there are visual effects pros out there who want to nurture (and not just torture) up-and-comers.
8. Don’t be surprised when the visual effects industry is not as glamorous as you imagined.
9. Get ready to continually adapt.

Seminar On VFx Rotoscopy Production Works


Three New “The Lost City of Z” Photos

Three new photos are out from James Gray’s exploration drama “The Lost City of Z”. No sign of the film’s co-star and current Spider-Man Tom Holland in the shots, but its two other leading men Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattison are here along with Gray himself.
The story deals with British explorer Percy Fawcett’s ill-fated journey into the South American jungle to find a lost civilisation. “The Lost City Of Z” opens on April 14th. #RotomakerAcademy#VFxCareers#VFxPaint#VFxRotoscopy#VFxCourses#MultimediaCourses#MultimediaCareers#AnimationCareers#AnimationCourses

Oscars VFX contenders down to ten films, including ‘Arrival’ and ‘Rogue One’

Earlier this month, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences revealed a preliminary list of 20 movies that were under consideration for Academy Award nominations in the Visual Effects category at this year’s awards ceremony. That list has now been cut down to a mere ten films, encompassing a wide range of projects that offered up visual magic on the screen over the last 12 months.
Among the high-profile films to make the cut is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, this weekend’s blockbuster standalone film set in the acclaimed sci-fi saga’s universe, as well as director Jon Favreau’s live-action adaptation of The Jungle Book, which blurred the line between computer animation and reality with its cast of jungle creatures.
The ten films selected by The Academy’s Visual Effects Branch Executive Committee include the following projects: Arrival, The BFG, Captain America: Civil War, Deepwater Horizon, Doctor Strange, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Jungle Book, Kubo and the Tw…

Lightmap Releases HDR Light Studio 5.4

Latest version of HDR Light Studio provides adjustable light handles and full three-axis rotation, allowing 3D mapped lights to be oriented in any direction.HDR Light Studio v5.4 focuses on providing 3D Artists with even more control and freedom when lighting. The ability to precisely position and orient lights intuitively enhances speed and creativity. Artists can now light even more instinctively, as though in a studio environment and fine-tune as they go.HDR Light Studio’s intuitive approach to lighting is enhanced in v5.4 by the addition of adjustable light handles that can be positioned anywhere within the light and are dynamically moved. This is a real time saver when perfecting the light positions for highlights and gradients, as you know exactly where they start and end.Full three-axis rotation now allows 3D mapped lights to be oriented in any direction (x, y and z) and manipulated easily with HDR Light Studio’s renowned click and drag lighting controls. The introduction of fo…

VFx Seminar on trending topics of Visual Effects Production works

VFx Seminar on trending topics of Visual Effects Production works By Mr.Waseem Akram ,VFx Rotoscopy QC of 8 years experience at Rotomaker. #RotomakerAcademy#VFxCareers#VFxPaint#VFxRotoscopy#VFxCourses#MultimediaCourses#MultimediaCareers#AnimationCareers#AnimationCourses#trendingtopics

International Trailer: “War for the Planet of the Apes”

An international trailer for “War for the Planet of the Apes” has arrived. Not nearly as good as the domestic, the clip still does feature a longer and alternate version of the scene where a SEAL team invades the Apes’ home in a cave behind a waterfall. “War for the Planet of the Apes” opens in cinemas on July 14th 2017.

Students Completed Their VFx Paint Course

Students Completed Their VFx Paint Course at Rotomaker Academy and Certificate presented By Mr.Kartheek Pesari, VFx Trainer,Rotomaker Academy.

Seminar On Advanced VFx Paint Topics at RotomakerAcademy




MPC Returns to the Magical World of J.K. Rowling for ‘Fantastic Beasts’

MPC returns to the world of Harry Potter, delivering 220 VFX shots including 3D environments of prohibition-era Manhattan, set extensions, magic effects, and the creation of three beasts: Demiguise, Occamy and Billiwig.

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Why are you Joining With Us?? Rotomaker Academy


10 Simple Steps to Becoming a VFX Compositor

Ok, so you have seen these Nuke Breakdowns and think the glamour of Hollywood awaits you…well then…1. Have a look around filmmaking and post-production.2. Still keen? Then check the core skills in VFX. You never know, there may be a CG artist hiding in you instead.3. Ok, so compositing it is! Then Compositing Visual Effects Essentials for the Aspiring Artist is your next read.4. Master the core skills, including this one, by either – a) attending a classroom course b) taking an online course c) by doing it yourself (through free tutorials and books) or d) by becoming a runner.5. Check out Nuke Compositing Showreels by the students of major Compositing Schools. Now you know what your goal is.6. Master the entry level skills – roto, paint, tracking, keying, colour correction and junior level compositing.7. To be honest – the advice on how to get into the industry (and survive it!) is in my book (it took a year to write, a year to trim down and a year to make it funny!).8. And of course …