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Finding The Smoothness In Visual Effects

Animated drawings or sketches are very different from the still works. One of the early techniques used in creating motion from still images was to create traces that originated in the still pictures. The smoothness of motion was primarily defined by the skill of the artist who made do with some reference points in the original image to produce the movement.Taking this part a bit further was born the field of VFX Rotoscopy. Here, instead of setting reference points manually on the pictures or images, software tools were put to use in creating virtual reference points on a drawing. The very nature of the mechanization process made the end results from such an effort much more presentable as compared to the earlier methods.Some advantages of using a Rotoscopy software toolSmoother transitionsOften old prints of movies gave the effect that the movements were more or less jerky. This particular feature of the moving pictures was not that evident in the present day productions or in the di…

Children’s Day Online Drawing Contest

Smily Kiddos is the most adorable kids stationery brand offering a wide range of premium designer products in the USA, Canada, India and UAE. Their design and material specification theme design and Create each product, Keeping your child’s safety, likes and functionality as the utmost priority. The adaptation of flashy colours, peculiar graphics, kids friendly designs and great value for money is mainly inspired by our research into different ethnicities, culture, and Psychology of kids around the globe. We conduct Children’s Day online drawing contest.Eligibility:Entry FreeAge Should be 5-14 YearsThe drawing must be based on the Children’s Day themeKids anywhere from India can participateSelection Procedure:Voting Starts from 1st- 13th (12 PM) November 2018Winners will be decided based on the number of votes they get on their drawing.You can invite anyone to vote for your drawing.Participation:Participate in Facebook only.URL: (above URL is not working if…

Getting hold of the right skills in creating VFX effects

Any kind of art form takes a minimum skill set to practice.  This is true of the field of visual effects as often it takes a certain amount of training and experience to get to create material for the industry.  There is really no shortage of training facilities to skill the visual effects artist.  But more importantly, it is necessary to understand the true capabilities of the individual and to undertake a training program that is in line with the person’s aptitude.Another important aspect of the visual effects training is the kind of platform being used.  Each of the offerings does have its own set of strong operating areas, and it is for the effects creator to understand what suits the situation and the requirements. A pertinent part of the effects course is the cost of training.  Some of the more experienced hands insist on a hand on a training program that allows them to keep being on the job while still undergoing training in the skills.It would only be correct to make a due stu…

Importance of Rotoscoping Technique in Film Industry

Rotoscoping is basically a technique used in animation as the animators capture frame by frame live action so as to develop an animation film. Earlier the captured live actions were projected onto a frosted glass panel and were redrawn by the animator. This equipment used for projection is called “Rotoscope”. Nowadays this equipment has been replaced by computers.Today’s visual effects industry explains rotoscoping as a technique used to create a matte for an element on a live action plate so as to merge over another background. The term rotoscoping usually abbreviated as “Roto” is used to is been used as a tool for visual effects in live action films. Rotoscoping mainly implies cutting an image from a background and then replacing it in another new background or Rotoscoping involves extracting a moving image from a video and replacing the background completely or partially with special effects. When using this technique, editors trace over live action film movement on each frame to u…