Finding The Smoothness In Visual Effects

Animated drawings or sketches are very different from the still works. One of the early techniques used in creating motion from still images was to create traces that originated in the still pictures. The smoothness of motion was primarily defined by the skill of the artist who made do with some reference points in the original image to produce the movement.

Taking this part a bit further was born the field of VFX Rotoscopy. Here, instead of setting reference points manually on the pictures or images, software tools were put to use in creating virtual reference points on a drawing. The very nature of the mechanization process made the end results from such an effort much more presentable as compared to the earlier methods.

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Some advantages of using a Rotoscopy software tool

  1. Smoother transitions

Often old prints of movies gave the effect that the movements were more or less jerky. This particular feature of the moving pictures was not that evident in the present day productions or in the digitized prints of older motion pictures.  The use of Rotoscopy techniques has made this possible and on a really cost-effective basis.

  1. Attention to the detail

The contemporary motion pictures are more realistic in the way movement is handled.  Often even with the crude productions, the smooth flow of motion never is hindered.  This has to do with the advances in digital techniques which make the use of Rotoscoping in VFX within easy reach to even the smallest production houses.

A computerized or mechanized effort is bound to bring in certain advantages otherwise not present in the manual style of working.  This, in essence, is what the use of Rotoscopy has enabled in rendering moving images from still pictures.

  1. Mistake correction

While working with pictures of any kind, a key feature is that mistakes and errors do take place from time to time. The very nature of work makes it so, and this just cannot be avoided, even with the most sophisticated of tools on hand.

VFX Rotoscopy helps in such situations by having the facility to save draft copies of the work being processed at any particular time. This acts as reference points to the restoration of images after a mistake or error has been committed. Not only does this method save time but more importantly save on discarded work material that it would otherwise have taken.

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